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EPLO Brown Bag Lunch events are 1 - 1.5 hour-long, informal round-table discussions on a wide range of geographic and thematic topics with relevance for the EU and its support for peacebuilding and conflict prevention. More




Working with the past in transitional societies: Communities, commemoration and conflict

Monday 23 November 2015




Academic Friends

Academic Friends of EPLO is an informal network of academics working on peacebuilding and conflict issues, and/or the role of the EU in peacebuilding worldwide. The purpose of the network is to connect practitioners and advocates seeking to influence the EU to make it more effective at peacebuilding with academics carrying out research on the EU and conflict. More



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EPLO Publications



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Recent Publications




2014 Overview (March 2015)


Power Analysis: The EU and Peacebuilding after Lisbon (Updated in June 2015)




Peace and Security in the new Africa-EU Partnership: Recommendations for civil society participation (October 2014)


Where are the EU's Women Leaders in Foreign Affairs? (October 2014)


Overview of the EU's policy and financial commitments on governance - Briefing Paper 2/2014 (June 2014)


Support for peacebuilding and conflict prevention in the EU's external financing instruments 2014-2020 - Briefing Paper 1/2014 (June 2014)


2013 Overview (February 2014)





UNSCR 1325 in Europe: 20 case studies of implementation (November 2013)


Putting Peace at the Heart of the Post-2015 Framework (September 2013)


Reforming Civilian Common Security and Defence Policy (August 2013)


Statement on the EEAS mid-term review: An opportunity to strengthen the EU's capacity to prevent conflict and build peace and Summary of Statement (July 2013)


EU support to peace mediation: development and challenges (May 2013)


Policy Paper on civilian CSDP (March 2013)


Power Analysis: The EU and Peacebuilding after Lisbon (Updated in March 2013)





Maximising EU Support to the Women, Peace and Security Agenda (October 2012)


Power Analysis: The EU and Peacebuilding after Lisbon (Updated in July 2012)


The African Peace Facility - Briefing Paper 3/2012 (June 2012)


EU funding for peacebuilding: EPLO's recommendations for reforming the EU's external co-operation programmes (April 2012)


The EEAS and Peacebuilding One Year on (April 2012)




Follow up to 10 Points on 10 Years UNSCR in Europe (November 2011)


Power Analysis: The EU and Peacebuilding after Lisbon (November 2011)


The EIB and conflict sensitivity (October 2011)


Using More for More: Incentivising Peace in the EU's Neighbourhood Policy (July 2011)


The European Commission's proposal for the next EU multiannual financial framework - Briefing Paper 2/2011 (July 2011)


Strengthening EU Policy and Guidance on Conflict Prevention (June 2011)


What funding for the EU’s external actions after 2013? (March 2011)


Linking Peacebuilding and Development (February 2011)


Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding inside the EEAS (February 2011)


The EC's External Financing Instruments - Briefing Paper 1/2011 (February 2011)





Recommendations for the Second Action Plan for the Peace and Security Partnership of the Joint Africa - EU Strategy (September 2010)


Towards a Peacebuilding Strategy for the European External Action Service (August 2010)


Accountability and Effectiveness of CSDP Missions: The Role of Civil Society (June 2010)


UNSCR 1325 in Europe: 21 case studies of implementation (June 2010)


Putting Peace at the Heart of the European External Action Service (January 2010)




The European Union’s Role in Dialogue and Mediation (October 2009)


The EU as a Global Force for Good: Peace at the Heart of the European External Action Service (October 2009)


Civilian-Military Integration in European Security and Defence Policy (March 2009)




Older Publications



Increasing the Impact on the Ground: EU and NGO Cooperation in the Thematic Area of Children Affected by Armed Conflict (Slovenian Presidency of the EU-EPLO-Centre for European Perspective-European Commission conference report - September 2008)


People are Party to Building Peace (Quaker Council for European Affairs-EPLO - March 2008)


Partners in Conflict Prevention & Crisis Management: EU and NGO Cooperation (EPLO-Crisis Management Initiative-Bertelsmann Stiftung-German Presidency of the EU - August 2007)


Five years after Göteborg: The EU and its Conflict Prevention Potential (EPLO-Conflict Prevention Partnership - September 2006) (Also available in French and Spanish)


Partners Apart: Enhancing Cooperation between Civil Society and EU Civilian Crisis Management in the framework of ESDP missions (Catriona Gourlay for the Crisis Management Initiative, the Civil Society Conflict Prevention Network (KATU) and EPLO - September 2006)


Partners in Prevention: Moving from Theory to Practice (EPLO conference report - June 2005)


Policy Papers and Statements

People-centred Security Sector Reform: Recommendations for Policy and Practice (October 2008)


The European Security Strategy (August 2008) (Also available in Danish)


50th Anniversary of the European Union: EPLO submission to the Berlin Declaration (April 2007)


The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission (February 2006)


A European Peacebuilding Coordinating Cell (EPLO-Conflict Prevention Partnership - January 2006)


Building conflict prevention into the future of Europe (November 2002)


Civil Society Dialogue Network

The Civil Society Dialogue Network (CSDN) is a mechanism for dialogue between civil society and EU policy-makers on issues related to peace and conflict. It is co-financed by the European Union (Instrument for Stability) and EPLO, and managed by EPLO in co-operation with the European Commission (EC) and the European External Action Service (EEAS)More


Upcoming Events


Training Seminar on Peacebuilding Advocacy towards the EU

Thursday 26 & Friday 27 November 2015




The EU and Peacebuilding: From European Peace Project to Global Actor

The EU and Peacebuilding: From European Peace Project to Global Actor was an 18-month project co-financed by the European Commission (Europe for Citizens Programme) and aimed at engaging a broad range of actors in a dialogue on the EU's role in conflict prevention and peacebuilding, and its history as a peace project. More